Nothing is better then Jesus.

Permalink When I said second dinner that’s what I really mean! Just like what I said early today life can’t not be any better to with those big ones around me! 😁❤️
Permalink Just need something sweet :p  (at Piatella Cafe Bar Glen Weverly)
Permalink I know I’m in a mess now but today is one of best day ever. During the worship today at church really let me push all the things I had inside of me. Those tears had drop with most of worthy reason in the world. I’m just way to bless to have my life withe Jesus and bless to be with those brothers who care and love me like their own sister. This life really can’t be anymore better :’) Thanks you God!
Permalink It was amazing!!!!!  (at Les Misérables Australia)
Permalink Surprise everywhere! Kids craft.
Permalink Good morning :)
Permalink Happy holiday kids! See u all in 3 wks!